Meet our Candidates:

Mehreen Chaudry (left) and Teresa Rossiello (right)


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Burnaby Greens' Candidates for the 2021 By-election: Mehreen Chaudry (left) and Teresa Rosiello (above)

Burnaby Green Party members vote to add diversity to City Council in municipal by-election

At a recent Burnaby Green Party meeting Mehreen Chaudry and Teresa Rossiello were nominated as the party’s two candidates for the upcoming municipal by-election.

These two women represent a growing interest to improve diversity on City Council in Burnaby. “I’m very excited to see these candidates nominated knowing what they could bring to this council,” says Joe Keithley, Burnaby Green Party City Councillor. “Mehreen Chaudry was an excellent Green candidate in the 2020 Provincial election, which saw four Burnaby Green
candidates run, and that experience will be a real asset. Teresa Rossiello has been active on civic committees and community-based organizations for more than 8 years. She also knows her way around a campaign having served as the Riding Association Chair for the BC Greens in Burnaby North.”

Both candidates have a passion for local issues like housing affordability, urban green spaces, community planning, poverty reduction, and of course, climate change and the environment. Other key priorities include addressing the need for diversity and maintaining equity in community building and development.

“The Burnaby Green Party and I firmly believe in collaboratively working with our community and facilitating solutions to the challenges facing the city of Burnaby together.” says Mehreen Chaudry, Burnaby Green Party candidate.

“Co-coordinating Burnaby’s homeless count was a rewarding experience that showed me how community members can come together to ensure our most vulnerable neighbours are not overlooked.” says Teresa Rossiello, Burnaby Green Party candidate.

Independent Mayor Mike Hurley has worked closely with Councillor Joe Keithley to advance a wide range of policies aimed at tackling Burnaby’s most pressing issues. “Electing more Burnaby Greens to council means more support for working collaboratively and effectively with Mayor Hurley and other members of council on the issues that matter most to people in Burnaby,” says Keithley. “After decades of inadequate leadership by former mayor Derek Corrigan and the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA), we are now making significant progress on issues the public has asked us to address as we shape a more affordable, inclusive and sustainable future in our city.”

The Burnaby by-election has not yet been called but is expected this Spring.
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Mehreen Chaudry Biography

Mehreen Chaudry was born in Ontario and raised i n Pakistan as the first in a family of four
children. After completing her high school education in Pakistan, Mehreen pursued her dream of
higher education, putting herself through university in  the United States, earning a Bachelor’s
Degree with Honours i n International Business and Economics, and later, a Master’s Degree i n
Business Administration from the University of Illinois in Springfield.

Since obtaining her Master’s Degree i n 2007, Mehreen has continued to forge her own path.
Through 12 years of project management, Mehreen has developed the vision, grit and
determination to ensure the delivery of numerous projects i n various industries. Along with this
resolve, project management requires excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrated by Mehreen’s
savvy ability to negotiate, resolve conflicts and operate as an effective team player. The
multitude of stakeholders involved in large projects calls for exceptional communication skills
and Mehreen’s ability to build relationships amongst diverse actors has helped her establish
effective coalitions throughout her career.

Mehreen made the decision to move to Burnaby with her two young sons i n 2016, determined to
make for them the best life possible and offer them a brighter future. Having overcome
numerous challenges over the past four years Mehreen and her boys have come to love
Burnaby and are proud to call this City home. Her commitment to her children and to their future
in Burnaby means Mehreen is dedicated to finding solutions to the many challenges Burnaby
faces and will face i n the years to come.

These challenges are complex as well as urgent. They require bold determination to adequately
address the climate emergency at a local level. They require innovative energy and fresh ideas
to reimagine how we can support and grow our l ocal economy devastated by the pandemic.
They require a willingness to bridge divides and the ability to reach for common ground; to not
allow for political squabbles to get in the way. The residents of Burnaby are the ones that matter
and Mehreen believes that they deserve to have their voices heard, their opinions expressed
and their problems resolved. Mehreen Chaudry has proven that she has the skills and expertise
to work with a multitude of stakeholders to solve these sorts of complex challenges and she is
determined to ensure that City Council works for the residents of Burnaby now and into the

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Teresa Rossiello Biography

Teresa Rossiello is a deeply engaged member of the Burnaby community. She has enriched her
community through her extensive volunteering on behalf of some of Burnaby’s most
underrepresented residents, as a volunteer organizer at her children’s schools and through her
work as an early childhood educator. With her husband, Teresa i s raising her two children i n
Burnaby and is committed to making Burnaby a more equitable, sustainable and affordable
place for all residents, now and for generations to come. To achieve this, Teresa believes that
greater communication and engagement with the community is vital.

Teresa has significant experience in outreach and coordination. She i s the Chair of the Task
Force to End Homelessness in Burnaby, a monthly forum for over 50 government and non-profit
organizations. The Task Force i s focused on issues related to housing and homelessness.
Through this organization, Teresa works to coordinate the actions of numerous stakeholders i n
improving the lives of some of Burnaby’s most vulnerable residents. Teresa i s also part of a
team that organizes food and essential services at centres across Burnaby, helping provide
more than 120 meals per week to homeless residents. She also co-coordinated the homeless
count i n Burnaby, instrumental in increasing the visibility of this Burnaby community. For the l ast
two years, Teresa and the Burnaby Greens have also fundraised for the “Coldest Night of the
Year” walk to end homelessness. Through these efforts, Teresa has demonstrated leadership in
organizing a response to Burnaby’s housing crisis and advocating for people affected by poverty
and social in justice.

Teresa’s and her family’s passion for the outdoors and vision of a fair, inclusive and sustainable
future has inspired her to run for City Council. She believes that climate change is both an
immediate and long term threat to our city and our environment that must be addressed at the
local level. Teresa i s committed to championing the development of greener building codes,
more urban villages and better active transport and public transit infrastructure. As the co-owner
of a small business, Teresa understands the urgent need to support Burnaby’s small businesses
and revitalize the local economy that has been battered by the pandemic. Along with reducing
Burnaby’s carbon footprint and strengthening our local economy, she would work to ensure that
the housing crisis in Burnaby is adequately addressed.

While raising her family Teresa has l earned about the everyday challenges people in Burnaby
face, and has worked hard to organize residents and companies to work on solutions to some of
these problems. Teresa believes that what i s most vital for overcoming these challenges i s to
address them as a community; to ensure that all Burnaby residents have the opportunity to
share their views and feel represented by City Council. Burnaby needs leaders like Teresa
Rossiello to help solve the challenges our city and our environment face. We cannot afford to
wait any longer.